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在洛杉矶天普市的繁华大道,第一家诗妍丽诞生了。诗妍丽美颜养生会所以其独特的优雅环境,精湛的专业护理,给爱美的女人们,带来截然不同的多元化全新高端美容体验,在这里你能享受全面的宠爱,专业的呵护,从此,诗妍丽会员成为了尊贵身份的象征。专业美容师的贴心服务,店内雅致的空间以及沁入心脾的香薰,为女性开启了一扇瑰丽奇美的大门。 我们从科学的角度制定每项护理的流程和技术,严格执行标准化、规范化,对员工进行定期专业考核,以求达到科技、美容、艺术的完美境界。诗妍丽- 宠爱精英女性,绽放你的美丽!

SYL Health & Beauty Spa is located on Temple city's bustling Boulevard in Los Angeles. With its unique amenities, excellent professional care, to the beauty of women, bringing different pluralistic new high-end beauty experience, where you can enjoy a full  professional care, from then on, the  beautiful member as Premier status symbol. A professional beautician services, heart and spleen of elegant spaces inside .From the scientific point of view, to develop each of the nursing process and technology, strict implementation of standardization, standardization, staff professional assessment on a regular basis, in order to achieve the perfection of technology, beauty, art. SYL-loved elite women, show me beautiful!

鄔幸韵女士 Sophy

面部护理 Facial Treatment
套组护理 Specialty Treatment

时空回溯 Contour Turn Back Time Clock Expert Program $2580/10次I 90mins
Reactivate the collagen, resolve all kind of signs of ageing, using amino acid, vitamins, and antioxidant ingredients for a youthful skin cells. Smoothest lines, strengthens texture, enhances skin’s ability to hold moisture, increase skin’s metabolism.
水颜活泉Hydraskin Intensive Expert Program $2200/10次I 90mins
This gentle but effective treatment targets the dryness of the skin. Hydrating the skin cells, restore and rise the moisture levels for a better balance. Improve the blood circulation, even skin tone and clarity.

精致小V脸  V-Line Facial$160/次  90mins

This treatment combined with our unique products, could effectively lift, firm face and neck, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, newly defining facial contour.
水妍瑞泽 Classic HydratingFacial$138/次75mins, (脸部SPA机)
Great for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin. It provides luxurious ultra-hydrating treatment and leaves skin smooth, hydrated and comfortable.
毛孔紧致 Pore TighteningFacial$138/次75min

This intensive treatment helps tighten pores and smooth the skin while controlling excess oil and hydrating skin.
新颜祛痘 Acne Clearing Treatment$138/次75mins, (蓝色小气泡)
This treatment contains natural botanical extracts, which purifies unclogged pores and removes all the impurities, effectively prevents bacteria and hydrates skin, leaves skin clear and smooth.
美白净肤 Bright Whitening Facial$168/次90mins  (LED面罩)
Nourishes skin with whitening property, which diminishes visible dark spot, even skin tone, and leaves skin bright and soft.

眼部护理 Eye Treatment
附加疗程 Additional Treatment

明眸晴喜 Eye Contour Skin Care 单次$98, $680/10次45mins
Targeting directly any signs of wrinkles, puffiness, and bags. Vitamin E and other natural extracts help plumping collagen and elastin, restore moisture for a soft and youthful looking eye area.

1.手法精灵unique technique detox

单价$158, 60mins,
Meridian Detox increase immunity, postpone aging, dredges, Yin, accelerates metabolism, promoting blood circulation.
2. 零脂肪美姿美雕, body shaping

3.温灸舒缓私房密语,Moxibustion soothing car

单价$98,40mins; (卵巢)




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